Smile: We Have Several Teeth Whitening Procedures For You

Teeth-whitening has been a cultural compulsion going back to the Egyptians and the early Romans. How good is this for your teeth depends on the treatment—and your teeth. Genetics, hygiene, and past dental work all play a part. On the whole, it works, but keep in mind that everyone's teeth are different, and effectiveness will vary person to person.


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Opalescence in-office teeth whitening treatment is highly recommended among the many teeth whitening procedures our dentist at Reflection Dental - Lorton in Lorton, Virginia is capable of performing. The Opalescence teeth whitening treatment is perfect for individuals who are preparing for a big occasion. The Opalescence teeth whitening kit consists of a teeth whitening gel containing fluoride and potassium nitrate,and a chemically activated light. Those are all you need to get sparkling teeth in a short time.

Take-Home Whitening Trays

Busy? On the go? No problem, with take-home whitening trays you can improve the quality of your smile anytime, anywhere. These safe, durable trays are molded from your teeth to ensure maximum comfort. Simply wear these trays a few hours each day, and progressively your teeth with brighten. Once your teeth are your desired level of color, just wear your trays every now and then to maintain your healthy new smile.

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If you are looking for teeth-whitening procedures, visit  Reflection Dental in Lorton, VA. Our dentist has made it a priority to meet your needs. There’s no time like the present to call us at 703-372-2728 to schedule your appointment!